Sacred Grove Academy was established by the Church of the Spiral Tree, a legally incorporated tax-exempt ecumenical Pagan church (Section 501(a) organization under 501(c)(3)), in order to serve Pagan families in Alabama who want to home school their children but do not wish to do so under the auspices of a Christian or secular cover school. Sacred Grove serves all of Alabama, and is based in Auburn, AL.

To homeschool your children in Alabama, you must either be a certified teacher, or you must enroll under under a cover school, also called a church school. There are several church schools in Alabama (Cover Schools), but many of them are Christian in nature and requirements. Sacred Grove Academy is the only Pagan church school in Alabama.

Sacred Grove accepted its first student in September of 1999, and now has an enrollment of 115 or more students throughout Alabama! Sacred Grove is administered by the Director, Linda Kerr.

Sacred Grove Academy is a church school operated under legal code 16-28-1, 16-28-3, 16-28-7, and 16-46-3 (church school law) of the State of Alabama.

Important: We are NOT accredited!

Sacred Grove Academy is NOT a physical or on-line school, and we do NOT provide teachers, course work, curriculum, grades, record-keeping, an accredited program, or anything else associated with traditional schools. Please read this link so you can better understand what we are: Alabama Homeschooling.

Requirements to Enroll:

  • The Church School Enrollment Form (CSEF) and the registration form must be filled out, signed, and submitted along with the fees.
  • The student must live in Alabama with a parent or legal guardian (see FAQ).
  • The teacher (parent/guardian) must agree to keep attendance records and must agree to submit these to us at the end of the school year (REQUIRED by Alabama State law, Code 16-28-8). (See Attendance Form Policies.)
  • If anyone in the family was previously enrolled, all past attendance forms for any and all previously enrolled students must have been submitted, and there should be no outstanding payments.

Freedom to School Your Way:

  • There are no requirements for curriculum, courses, grades, testing, etc. Each family is responsible for selection of and purchase of its own educational method and curriculum, and for the method of teaching.
  • There is no requirement as to the length of the school year or amount of time daily to be spent on schoolwork.
  • HSLDA membership is not required. A "statement of faith" is not required. Religious instruction is not required. Families are not required to be Pagan in order to enroll.
  • Membership in Church of the Spiral Tree is not required, but does bring a discount.

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